How To Escape The Bad Credit Trap And Build Your Small Business

How To Escape The Bad Credit Trap And Build Your Small Business
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Investors and small business owners are involved in a never-ending struggle to maintain a steady flow of cash. However, this is not easy to do when bills are piling up at a faster rate than sales can be closed. Yet running out of operating capital is not an option because it can cripple any aspiring company.

Financial problems are further aggravated when the company also has a poor credit score. Moreover, unless it is repaired, it can be almost impossible to finance projects because it will be hard to borrow money from banks and credit unions.

Banks Risk-Averse

Although the economy has been improving over the past few years, it is still difficult to get a business loan. This is particularly true for a company that has some blemishes in its credit history. Most banks and credit unions are unwilling to give a small business owner a loan if their credit scores are below average.

The Trap

Ironically, banks are not willing to admit that a company may have valid reasons for a poor credit score. After the financial crisis in 2008, there was an economic downturn for the next two years, w…………… continues on Tech Cocktail

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