As you may know I have recently turned my financial life around, it is by no means perfect but it is on the right path.  I no longer take money for granted, I always pay my bills on time, and I don’t accumulate debt. I decided to keep one credit card open in order to help rebuild my credit score.  Over the past few years I had a really high income with a really low credit score. That’s because I had a lot of open credit cards that were maxed out to the credit limit.

Keeping one credit card open, using it, and paying it off every month shows financial responsibility; and it has definitely helped improve my credit score.  Closing my (several) other credit cards and making regular payments is not enough to increase our credit score.  In order to build and maintain a good credit score we have to be actively (and responsibly) managing our open credit.

I am not going to lie, calling my credit card companies and asking them to close my existing credit cards because I could no longer afford to have them was very hard and it was also a l…………… continues on Business Insider